What For?

A Highway Journal is what I used to take with me as I traveled. A small moleskine to put my thoughts down into because a long drive, to anywhere, is a long time to think. As a publication, A Highway Journal explores politics, history and culture across the United States and the world through travel; documenting the perspectives and experiences encountered along the way.

A Highway Journal was born out of a frustration with the minute-by-minute news cycle. The articles found here will attempt to slow down the broken pace of political reporting in order to offer analysis that’s brought forward after the reporter has had plenty of time to think. This is not The News. It may take you, the reader, more than a few minutes to get through the pieces and that’s ok. Set the articles down and come back to them later. Bookmark them or keep an open tab. Take your time, as we have. 




Miroslav Tomoski is an independent journalist covering drug policy and political culture in the United States and elsewhere. He has covered cannabis and psilocybin legalization for Double Blind and Herb and is the editor of A Highway Journal. Since 2016, he has traveled to over 100 cities in 40 states meeting with Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs. Born in a country that no longer exists (the former Yugoslavia), Miroslav came to Canada with his family during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. He studied political science and philosophy at the University of Windsor (MA Arts in American Politics) and is now committed to studying the ways in which politics, history and culture can create division and unity.


Lance Monotone is a political photographer based in upstate New York. Born and raised in Kansas City, he served as an artilleryman in the US Army during Desert Storm and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world, settling briefly in various cities large and small. When not documenting American political and cultural life, Lance decompresses by capturing non-partisan photos of flowers.

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